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Normans in Romania – October 4th – Update 1 (excerpts) – October 4th

The students are back. All around, we hear various languages spoken and meet interesting people as we go onto the streets. The Lord is giving us great opportunities and we look forward to seeing what fruit will result. 

Things are going well at church. My initiatives are well received and are fitting into the dynamics of church life. I have proposed a monthly lunch after Sunday services and for this to become weekly. The documentaries are well received too. We watched the Luther documentary last night with 25 in attendance.

Evangelism goes very well. I am pleased with the progress of those I am training.  4 of the 5 people I have taken on the streets have shown amazing initiative, teachability and desire to grow. I couldn’t be happier. I have 3 others who want to begin training later. I am also making slow progress in forming a poverty ministry in the church.  An abandoned building near our church is used by some homeless people whom I want to get to know.

I want to establish a youth outreach for teenagers.  2 school professors in our church may be able to help.  I hope to soon begin teaching on the Doctrine of Scripture.

I have struggled to get to know some men in our church who do not want to spend time together outside of official meetings.  I have decided to take some of them to lunch from time to time. There is some interest in this as the first two I approached have shown willingness to meet.