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Pedalling Past the Scars – April 20th 2022

International Christian Concern, 18 April 2022 (excerpts)

The Kandhamal anti-Christian riots changed everything in 2008.  Lives lost, homes destroyed, futures gone.  About 52,000 Indian Christians were displaced and, though over a decade has passed, most have not returned home.  The Christian community needs rebuilding, a mission which Pastor Nayak believes he is specifically called to fulfil.

His dedication to God is reflected in a lifetime of service to take part in an extraordinary outreach effort.  He knows each village personally.  “I had a burden to reach out to the people with the gospel in 42 villages in Raikia block because there is a very little scope for people to hear the gospel.”

He is the only church planter faithfully ministering to these eastern-central Indian villages in the last 19 years.  Throughout most of his ministry, he travelled on foot to most of these villages.  The solution was simple: a bicycle.

“I am so thankful that my ability to visit these villages has increased many times.  Because of the bicycle provided to me by ICC, my desire even grew, and I am much more motivated,” said the pastor.

ICC’s Bikes and Bibles programme was launched to empower 1,000 rural church planters in India – their ministry limited to how far they can travel by foot.  A bicycle allows church planters, such as Pastor Nayak, to access more villages on a regular basis.  They are also gifted Bibles so that new disciples can have access to the written Word of God.