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Persecuted Church Australia 4th Oct 2017

Australia: Christians facing unprecedented violence

Barnabas Fund 28/09/2017

An Australian media outlet has published a shocking catalogue of violence, hate speech, discrimination and attempts to silence those opposed to the redefinition of marriage, most of whom it says are Christians. On 22 September Mercatornet stated:

“Everyone should be concerned over the growing discrimination, persecution and vilification of Christians which is occurring in Australia.”

Some of the threats and actual acts of violence include:

A meeting of four Christian groups had to be cancelled due to physical threats by LGBT activists. 

Protesters vandalized the office of a senator who supported traditional marriage and menaced his children’s school.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s headquarters was rammed last December by a vehicle filled with explosives driven by an LGBT activist who said he wanted to destroy ACL while he committed suicide.

Four weeks ago, LGBT activist and TV star Benjamin Law mused online about raping MPs opposed to same-sex marriage.

What Christians are being subjected to is very similar to some of the abuse suffered by LGBT people in the past.