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Persecuted Church France 18th Oct 2017

France: Imam chants verse encouraging attacks on Christians

Barnabas Fund 5th October 2017

In France, an imam leading Friday prayers for several hundred Muslims on the street in front of a town hall at Clichy, in Paris, chanted the words from the Quran (9:36) urging jihad against non-Muslims:

“Fight the infidels without exception, as they fight you without exception, and know that Allah is with the pious.”

The Grand Mosque of Paris, built in 1926

In fact, this comes only a few verses after Q9:29,which speaks of waging jihad against Christians until they pay the jizya tax. The significance of this tax on non-Muslims was that it was a sign of subjugation, humiliation and second-class status within an Islamic state, lacking many of the rights of Muslim citizens.