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Persecuted Church in Algeria, March 21st 2018

Pastor Sentencing Adds to Persecution in Algeria

Morning Star News, March 12, 2018

In the latest of a rash of persecution incidents in Algeria, a judge on March 8 Pastor Nordine B. was fined US$868 and given a 3-month suspended prison sentence for causing Muslims to doubt their religion.  The pastor of the church was convicted of proselytism, but will appeal.

Christian leaders said the charge against Pastor Nordine was ridiculous – simply for carrying Christian books – and unconstitutional, as Algeria’s constitution guarantees freedom of belief, opinion and worship.

The case follows several instances of harassment of churches and Christians in the past 3 months raising concerns of a government campaign against Christianity.

A Christian-owned bookshop in Oran city has been forcibly closed, the activities of a church training centre stopped and there has been an increase in arrests of Christians.