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Persecuted Church India 22nd Nov 2017

India – Hindu Extremists Beat Pastor Unconscious

Morning Star News November 5, 2017

Weeks after a pastor led five families to faith in Christ in southern India, masked men intercepted him on his way home from worship and tried to kill him, sources said. 

They had threatened him twice before, he said.  In their prior threats, the assailants had asked him what he told the Banjara tribal people.

 “I told them, ‘We are all sinners, and this world is to come to an end someday. Only Jesus Christ can cleanse us from the sins. He was crucified for our sake, and rose again to present us eternal life.”  Pastor Sevya said he told them he spoke to every person individually when they came to ask him about Christ.

When five families came to Christ, he had been as astonished as anyone.  “I too belong to the same Banjara tribal community.  It is a miracle.”