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Persecuted Church Indonesia Mar 2018

Indonesia Christians whipped


World Watch Monitor, March 2, 2018


Two Indonesian Christians were whipped in public earlier this week in the capital of the Sumatran province of Aceh, as a crowd took photos and jeered.


They were being punished for breaking Islamic law by playing a game at a children’s entertainment centre and were whipped six and seven times respectively on 27 February.


Sharia courts impose hundreds of whippings every year. Previously, the laws only applied to Muslims, but this changed in December 2013, when they became effective for members of all religious groups.


Aceh’s authorities do not allow new churches to be established, whereas in other Indonesian provinces that is still possible.


In politics, targeting Christians is a classic manoeuvre to garner votes and support from Muslims.


Non-Muslims in Aceh are allowed to choose between being punished under Sharia or civil code. Some prefer whipping over potential imprisonment.