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Persecuted Church Malaysia Mar 2018

Christians in Malaysia – Rights on Conversion


Morning Star News, February 28, 2018



The highest court in Malaysia has refused to hear an appeal by four Christians wanting to officially convert out of Islam.


On Feb. 27, the five-member panel of the Federal Court unanimously ruled that civil courts had no jurisdiction to decide on apostasy cases. The four converts held that the Shariah Courts had no power to decide apostasy cases under state laws because they are no longer Muslims.


Bewilderment remains as Shariah Courts are state courts and the Federal Court ruled in January that the federal civil court has the final say on legal matters even as they pertain to Muslims.


The Metropolitan Archbishop of Kuching, Simon Peter Seng, issued a statement asserting that Christians should not give up.  “I was at the court hearing yesterday, and I testify that the judges were very neutral and fair. Pray, continue to pray. With God, nothing is impossible.’”


Gracious words amid the emotions that ran high on all sides; the Malaysian Insight noted that the archbishop was indeed present at the hearing, and then was heckled by demonstrators trying to jostle him as he exited the court.