The Persecuted Church Across the World

Persecuted Church North Korea 20th Sept 2017


Open Doors 05 September

“The spiritual battle always intensifies when God is doing something amazing.”

These are the words of an Open Doors contact who has worked with North Korean refugees in China for many years. He has asked us to pass on this message to all those who pray for North Korea and ministries like his:

“Please know that your prayers have been answered. Yes, North Korea is still a very dark country and the people suffer day in, day out. Yes, there’s extra tension because of North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests. But never before have I seen so many North Koreans come to faith as nowadays.”

Many North Koreans risk their lives to make the dangerous and illegal journey over the border into China in search of work or food to take back to their families.

But it’s in China that many North Koreans hear the gospel for the first time.