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Persecuted Church Uganda 18th Oct 2017

Uganda – Father Drives Son from Home for Becoming Christian

Morning Star News October 10, 2017 

The young man did not answer after his father asked him if he had ditched Islam to become a Christian.

Magale Hamidu, 20, of Nanoko in eastern Uganda, had become a Christian seven months before. He had been failing to attend mosque prayers, and his father had learned that twice a Christian pastor had visited him at their home.

As Hamidu kept quiet, his father began beating him with a stick, sources told Morning Star News. They said other family members picked up sticks and joined in.

Hamidu’s screams on that day, Sept. 20, alerted neighbours who managed to pull the bleeding young man away. He was rushed to a community clinic in Kibuku District, where he was treated for injuries to his head and right hand and discharged, they said.

A neighbour told Morning Star News that Hamidu’s father, Kasani Mubali, said he wants to kill his son.