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Persecution has escalated in Afghanistan – May 31st

Voice of the Martyrs, 25 May 2023

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, life for Christians is difficult.  Most Afghan Christians fled, but some remained.  “It is very challenging for the normal Afghan and very, very hard for Christians,” a front-line worker shared.  “Persecution has escalated from the government, local religious authorities, family, and community, and it is still escalating.”

Remaining Christians struggle with isolation, but some cautiously reach out.  “Our Afghan brothers and sisters feel pressure, like sheep among wolves, but the desperation there is leading to opportunities for them to share ‘God stories’ that can lead to conversations about Christ.  Pray for the Taliban,” the front-line worker added.  “They are fighters, not governors.  Pray that they will lead by peace, do what’s good for the country and that they will come to Christ.”

The good news of Christ reached Afghanistan by the second century, but today there are no church buildings.  Cultural and religious opposition to the gospel as well as significant security issues remain great challenges for all missions efforts in this Central Asian nation.

There is, nevertheless, a special unity among Christians labouring for the gospel in Afghanistan. Indigenous, near-culture and expatriate believers are boldly taking risks and using every possible opportunity to help believers grow in faith and connect with local house churches.