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Police Arrest Christian Apologist in Indonesia – February 15th 2023

Morning Star News, February 8, 2023 (excerpts)

A Christian apologist whose comparisons of Christianity with Islam were widely disseminated on his YouTube channel has disappeared since his arrest in December.

The apologist, a Coptic Orthodox Christian known for debates with Muslim converts from Christianity, was subsequently transferred to Surabaya for interrogation. He is known for his widely followed YouTube channel and his books on Islamic and Christian doctrines.  His knowledge of Arabic has enabled him to make significant use of Islamic resources.

Prior to his arrest, 4 police officers visited his house on Dec. 6 to question him about episode 248 of his YouTube channel, which officers said offended Muslims and Islam.

The video, which first appeared on Feb. 23, 2022, described how Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, visited his adopted son Zayd ibn Harithah and his wife Zaynab, who later became one of Muhammad’s wives.

Finding no mistakes and no other elements that violated Islam doctrines, a team of 29 police officers then stormed his house later that same day on Dec. 6.

Gratia Pello and his wife happened to have left the house but he was arrested upon his return at 11 p.m.  He is still presumably waiting for trial.