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Reaching an Unreached Group in Iraq – May 19th 2021

Voice of the Martyrs, May 13, 2021

The three majority-Muslim groups (Shiite Arab, Sunni Arab, and Sunni Kurdish) that compose modern-day Iraq have been in conflict for centuries. Attacks by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) forced tens of thousands of Christians to flee the country, leaving a small but bold and faithful remnant.

For many of these Iraqi Christians, much of their day-to-day life is focused on survival, and yet they faithfully advance the gospel. Many of Iraq’s Muslims have rejected Islam and become open to Christ for a variety of reasons, including the corruption and violence rampant among both radical Sunni Muslims (including ISIS) and Shiites (including the Iraqi government, backed by Iran).

These circumstances provide a unique opportunity to share the gospel with Iraqis searching for hope and truth. The violence and instability have also led to a revival among traditional Christians, many of whom have come to saving faith and become bold witnesses for Christ.

Voice of the Martyrs workers see doors of opportunity open for ministry to an unreached and unengaged people group in Iraq. The Shabak of Iraq are Islamic with very little Christian presence among them. They experience harsh discrimination from other Iraqis and Kurds, including violent attacks, which presents a barrier to reaching them with the gospel. But VOM workers now see signs of opportunities to share the gospel with this group.