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Rising Violence Against India’s Christians – October 18th

Release International, October 16, 2023 (excerpts)

Attacks against Christians are rising, fuelled by right-wing nationalism, while growing numbers of Christians are being arrested under anti-conversion laws. 

Two investigations are underway into the alarming rise in attacks against Christians and other religious minorities in India.

The United Christian Forum (UCF) has recorded 525 violent attacks to the end of August, more than for the entire previous year. The UCF say attacks are rising ‘not just year-on-year, but month-on-month’.

Investigations are being carried out by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and the Indian government’s Minorities Commission.

And UCF say the number of attacks against Christians has risen significantly since Premier Narendra Modi’s BJP took power in 2014.

Anti-conversion laws supposedly target conversion by force or allurement. But the loose wording means any kind of charitable work could be considered a form of bribery.

Congregations accused of forced conversion have had their buildings ransacked and property destroyed.

The United Christian Forum say 520 Christians have now been arrested and accused of forced conversions.