Missions, The Persecuted Church Across the World

Robert Norman – June 14th

Romania, 2nd June 2023 (excerpts)

Summer has come and we are thankful to have days of basking in the sunlight after such a tedious Winter.

Most students are focused on their exams, though many of them will stay in Iasi over the Summer, so opportunity to invest more in their spiritual development.  Summer is already providing good opportunities.

Ema and I went to Scotland last month, nice to be away for a short time without any worries.  I caught up on reading I couldn’t normally have done and Ema rested.  We were also thankful to spend time with those of you who reached out to us about meeting up.

The beginning of May marked a whole year since I’d had an inflammation in my feet, the last bout was very concerning, spreading into one of my knees and lasting 2 months.  Providentially, a year has passed without serious problems, I’m thankful to the Lord for health.

I have culled my evangelism list as some people have gone silent.  I will not pursue contacts for now unless they reach out to me again.  I also need to be a little more direct with the Gospel in some cases.

This Summer, I hope to be back on the street and train church members in evangelism even before the end of June.  We will also visit the LGBT community as Iasi has its pride month parade.  I have now been invited to attend the Italian service at the Roman Catholic church.  May the Lord establish good contacts in these ways.