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Saudi Crown Prince – “Jews Have a Right to Israel”

Religion Today, April 4, 2018

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says he believes that Israelis and Palestinians both “have the right to” Israel.

 “But we have to have a peace agreement to assure stability for everyone and to have normal relations.”  Saudi Arabia has traditionally not recognized Israel.

 “There are a lot of interests we share with Israel and if there is peace, there would be a lot of interest between Israel and the Arab countries,” he said.

 Saudi Arabia and Israel may be headed toward better relations because of increasing tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Restoration may also be happening on Israel’s side as well.  Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, has been invited to visit Israel.

And on the prince’s trip to the United States, he met with pro-Israel lobbyists and several Jewish groups.