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Severe Attack in Northern India – February 5th 2020

Morning Star News, January 24, 2020

Before Pastor Jai Singh was jailed on false charges of luring people to convert.  Hindu extremists had dragged him from house worship in northern India on January 5 to a school where groups of six beat him in turns.

This had happened after an attempt to attack their mother church in nearby Siwanka over Christmas was thwarted.

Police registered a First Information Report (FIR) against him, falsely accusing him of offering money to Hindus to lure them to convert to Christianity.

A mob of 250 to 300 people initially surrounded the house,  accusing him of being responsible for the growing number of people converting to Christianity.  30 assailants then beat him the other radical Hindus looked on.

Denying that he would ever offer people money to convert, the father of four wept as he said, “I am just a daily labourer – my children and family are leading a very difficult life.

Hindu extremism has increased in the area as the number of people putting their faith in Christ has grown.