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Steadfast Global – April 3rd – Update 1

Steadfast Global, 29th March 2024


A Christian evangelist was abducted from his home in the village of Nakitiku on 8 March and later killed by Islamic extremists infuriated by his street preaching ministry. Kiisa Masolo’s (45) body was found the following day with a note written in Arabic stating, “We had warned you not to convert our Muslim brothers and sisters to Christianity, but you failed to heed to our warning. This has finally cost your life.”  


Police have failed to act following a report of an attack against a Christian family in Chhattisgarh state. On 6 February Ayatu Ram Podiyami was accosted by a group of Hindus who demanded that he return to Hinduism. After he refused a 250 strong mob gathered at his home causing him to flee into the jungle. Six days later the mob returned and after he again refused to renounce his faith, he and two other family members were beaten.


Middle East Concern have requested prayer for Iranian-Armenian pastor Anooshavan Avedian (61) who is serving a ten-year prison sentence in Evin Prison, Tehran.  Pastor Avedian commenced his sentence on 18 September 2023. The case against him stems from a raid on a private Christian gathering during August 2020.