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Steadfast Global – January 31st – Update 1

Steadfast Global, 26th January 2024


Christians in Al Jazirah state, south of Khartoum have been subjected to attacks and harassment since the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) seized control of the main city, Wad Medani on 18 December. One Christian, Karbino Bla succumbed to his injuries on 5 January after being badly beaten by the militants on 1 January. There have been reports of murder, rape and looting and on 12 January, militants set fire to a city church, destroying Bibles, chairs, and documents. The RSF has been fighting the Sudanese Armed Forces since April 2023.


Four Christians, including a pastor and a police orderly were abducted in Katsina-Ala County, Benue state, around 06:30 on 13 January as they travelled to a funeral. Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists are suspected of ambushing the vehicle in which Rev. Haanongon Gideon was travelling along with his assistant Ior Silas Yuhwam.


Two Nourmohammadi Christian brothers, Alireza and Amir, were freed on 11 January after spending 4 weeks in detention. The men were arrested in Karaj during raids on 11 December along with fellow believer Mildad Goodarzi. Mildad was released after a few hours but was told to expect a summons for further investigation. Alireza and Amir were finally released after submitting to bail of around £2,450 each. They both anticipate being formally charged for their Christian activities.