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Steadfast Global – May 29th – Update 1

Steadfast Global, 24th May 2024


Release Eritrea has reported the death in prison of Reverend Ghirmay Araya who was 83 years old. Rev. Araya who was a founding member of the banned Full Gospel Church, was arrested in 2021. He was never formally charged by the regime and until his death, was being held in the maximum security Wengel Mermera Central Criminal Investigation Centre. According to the report, one of Rev. Ghirmay’s sons, Samuel Ghirmay, who is a Lutheran minister, is also detained in the same prison. He was arrested for his faith seven years ago. As we give thanks for Rev. Ghirmay’s faithful ministry across six decades, we also pray for his grieving family.   

D. R. Congo:

Eleven Christians have been killed with several others abducted in a violent attack by Allied Democratic Forced (ADF) rebels in north-eastern Ituri province. The attack on the village of Ndimo started around 8 p.m. on 13 May and is suspected to have been planned to coincide with a visit to the area by the government’s military administrator of the territory. The ADF is a militant Islamic group which has forged ties with Islamic State terrorists with the goal of imposing Shariah law across the region.

Central Asia:

Will you pause and take a moment today to pray for our partner team who are working hard to deliver the retreat programme we support? Over recent weeks some of the leaders have faced personal challenges that have impacted their availability to participate. Please pray for their protection and encouragement.