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Steadfast Global – November 29th – Update 1

A United Vision for Northern Iraq (excerpts)

Steadfast Global, 28th November 2023

Our work to help Christians in the Kurdistan region of Iraq commenced within weeks of the fall of Mosul to Islamic State in June 2014. The flood of refugees into this region was almost without precedent and UNHCR camps were quickly erected to try and cope with the influx of humanity. While these camps became the new home for the Yazidi people group, Shia Muslims and a small number of Christians, our distinct call was to assist the large Christian refugee community which had sought shelter across a number of Christian villages in and around the city of Dohuk.

Working with trusted Kurdistan based partners, we commenced our relief effort sending funds to provide food, clothing, shelter, medicines, and fuel. This developed into meeting a pressing need for sanitation to help in the villages which were now bursting at the seams, and the facilitation of medical clinics for the refugees, with volunteers from the UK and beyond working alongside local healthcare professionals.

To this end we have launched projectRECYCLE, an initiative by Steadfast Global and Northern Iraq based partners, Zalal Life Society, a Christian ministry holding official registration in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to provide a common-sense housing solution for Christian families who have been displaced from their homes in Mosul and the disputed Nineveh Plain villages into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

Steadfast Global and Zalal Life Society encourage all those sympathetic to the crisis to embrace this project as a viable common-sense and cost-effective solution to stem the haemorrhage of Christians out of Northern Iraq and specifically, the Kurdistan region.