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Sunday Worship Broken Up in Indonesia – March 1st 2023

Morning Star News 22 February 2023 (excerpts)

A local village official in Indonesia stopped a church service on Sunday, February 19.

On Sumatra, the head of a village in Lampung Province, Wawan Kurniawan, leaped over a meter-high fence to intrude into the worship service of the Tabernacle of David Christian Church.

Ignoring the objections of church members and leaders, Wawan took the pulpit and motioned with his hand that the service was over.

A member of congregation said Wawan threatened with harsh words that more people would be brought in and  threatened to weld the church gate.”

More area residents did arrive, she said.  “It happened suddenly.  “Approximately 10 residents came to the church location and asked for the service to be dissolved.”

Wawan later said he only meant to ask the congregation to refrain from worshipping there until they obtain a permit for their building.  “This is not a new problem,” he said, “They have been carrying out worship activities there since 2014 even though there was no permit.”

The church, whose building was constructed in 2009, applied for a permit for a place of worship in 2014, but officials have not responded.