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The Adi Dravida in Southeast India – October 4th

Joshua Project, 30 September 2023

The Adi Dravida of southern India were once called the Paraiyar (or pariah in English), so their leaders requested that their name become Adi Dravida or “original Dravidians.”

Today, the Adi Dravida are a scheduled caste which means they receive special benefits for government jobs and places in education to rectify past societal wrongs. In the past, many of the Adi Dravida were agricultural workers tied to the land.

Today most still work on farms, either as farm hands or as small landowners. Others dig graves and take care of funerals.  Illiteracy is high among the Adi Dravida, which limits them to non-printed gospel materials.

Tamil speaking Christ followers are very numerous. They can provide Tamil-language gospel songs and skits that the Adi Dravida people can remember.  Pray that this people group hungers for God and begins to feed spiritually on the Bread of life, Jesus Christ.

Pray that the Lord would lead Indian Christians to become friends with the Adi Dravida to help them with their educational and vocational needs. Pray that the small number of Adi Dravida Christ followers would be discipled and share the gospel with their brothers and sisters. Pray for spiritual hunger that will lead them to the risen Christ.