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The Bagirmi Fulani in Central African Republic – April 3rd

Joshua Project, April 1st, 2024

The Bagirmi Fulani are semi-nomadic, mixing farming with shepherding. Although some Fulani tribes travel seasonally with their flocks, the Bagirmi have a permanent home they live in for half of the year. They only travel during the dry season, when grazing lands and water are scarce. Many of the men have multiple wives. Since cattle are a symbol of wealth among the Fulani, brides are sometimes chosen because of the amount of cattle they own.   

The Fulani were one of the first people groups in Africa to be converted to Islam. The Bagirmi still hold onto many old Fulani traditions. They believe that family, cattle, strong morals, beauty, poetry, singing, and dancing are the most important things in life.

The Fulani continue to be strongly committed to their current religion and worldview. Change is quite difficult and usually occurs slowly.  Reaching the Fulani may take a combination of contact inside and outside their communities. Pray that outreach will take place within the context of the market as well.

Pray for the handful of Christian believers among the Bagirmi Fulani, that they will depend fully on the finished work of Christ, understanding the requirements for forgiveness of sin have been satisfied. Pray for sufficient rain to support the livestock of the Fulani, and for good yields for their crops.