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The Bangka in Indonesia – November 15th

Joshua Project, November 13th, 2023

The Bangka live on the island of Bangka in the South China Sea, off the east coast of Sumatra Island in Bangka-Belitung Province. Other Indonesians often visit this island because it has beautiful beaches. Inhabitants of the island are composed of two groups: those descended from the Malay and those descended from the Chinese.

The Bangka Malay are Muslims, so their faith is in the teachings of the Koran rather than the blood of Jesus Christ.  However, they are not particularly orthodox in their beliefs.  Mosques have few visitors during the sunset ritual prayers.

There has been an economic downturn in tin mining, the main industry among the Bangka. This presents an opportunity for Christ followers to minister to the Bangka by helping them build new businesses and explore new industries.

Pray that the Spirit leads this people group to hope in Christ and that He becomes the trustworthy anchor of their souls.

Pray that there would be economic prosperity in the Bangka community, and that the Lord would be faithful in providing financial resources to struggling families. Pray that the small group of Christ followers among the Bangka would rise up in courage and share the love of Christ with their unbelieving neighbours. Pray for spiritual hunger among the Bangka, leading them to the cross.