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The Bengkulu in Indonesia – October 18th

Joshua Project, 17 October 2023

The Bengkulu people live in the city of Bengkulu, on Sumatra Island. They are descended from the union of multiple ethnic groups who once migrated to the area, including the Malay, Minangkabau, Acehnese and Javanese. The Bengkulu generally work as store clerks, ship builders, mechanics, construction contractors and government workers. In general, they live in wooden homes, raised on stilts and painted and decorated with special motifs.

The majority of the Bengkulu are Muslim. However, they still practice certain traditional ceremonies and rituals according to their older animistic beliefs. These animistic ceremonies are focused on seeking protection from spirits by defeating them and driving them out.

The gospel of grace, undeserved favor from God, is difficult to believe and accept by those who have been taught a religion of personal effort.

Building up Christ followers within Indonesia to reach the Bengkulu people is likely the most strategic way to share the gospel with them.

Pray the Lord would begin stirring their hearts so that they will be softened toward the good news of Christ. Pray for Christians in other Indonesian tribes to move toward the Bengkulu people and take steps to tell them of eternal life which is only found in Jesus Christ.