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The Crimean Tatars in Ukraine – April 23rd

Joshua Project, 18 April 2023

Today, Crimean Tatars are a minority group in Ukraine and continue to face discrimination.  The deportation of 1944 immobilized their culture; nearly half of their population died en route, and those who survived were forced to grow up among foreigners, far from home and often uneducated.  Their dress and language make it difficult to distinguish Crimean Tatars from Russians or Ukrainians.  Many of their traditions are falling away, especially among the younger generation.   

Someone with a good music background and the love of Christ can go to the Crimean Tatars as Christ’s ambassadors, using music as a culturally relevant way to teach biblical truths.   

Pray for Crimean Tatar believers to be ready and willing to win, equip and disciple those from a Muslim background.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move through Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula during times of trouble and war.  May Christ’s light dispel the darkness in Ukraine and bring beauty from ashes.