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The French Jewish in France – December 13th

Joshua Project, December 12th, 2023

Jews have been living in France for at least 2,000 years. Their ancestors arrived in the region during the Roman Empire. Since then, they have had a strong influence on the development of Europe, as well as on the traditions of Jews throughout the world. In France, as in other parts of Europe, they have faced waves of persecution.  

Many Jews in the younger generation are disconnected from their Jewish identity. They don’t observe Jewish traditions and are swiftly being assimilated into French culture. Like most of France and Europe, they are increasingly secular and disinterested in spiritual matters.   

Mission activity focused on students, sports and social networks could be effective in reaching the younger generation of Jews in France.

Pray that this people group realizes that it is only through the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that they can obtain eternal life.

Pray for God to give mission organizations innovative ideas for discipling the Jews of France in the ways of the Messiah. Pray for God to speak to the Jews in ways that cut through the distractions and noise of modern life.