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The Jeremiahs of the Church – May 19th 2021

International Christian Concern 05/15/2021

Believers who have a deep passion for the persecuted are few and far between in the Church. Often, those who have a heart for the persecuted find themselves alone in their congregation.

Jeremiah was called as a prophet by God to call out the sins of Israel in a nation filled with idolatrous practices. Though he suffered much for his calling, he never stopped revealing God’s messages to Israel.  Jeremiah was known as the lonely prophet and we know his pain.

Like Jeremiah, we who carry the burden of the persecuted are compelled to share their plight with those around us in the Church. Sadly, much of the Church cannot be bothered with the persecuted.

We pray that you will be encouraged by the words of others who share your burden.  For we have also seen and been transformed by their faith and are encouraged by their courage, sacrifice, and growth.

The Western Church needs the persecuted for they are the antidote to Western Christianity in all its weakness and lack of depth.

Together, we will continue to call out to the Church to remember those in prison and to learn from and be transformed by them. We must obey the Father’s call to care for His suffering children.