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The Kami in Nepal – November 1st

Joshua Project, 30 October 2023

The Kami live in India’s West Bengal state and in Nepal. They are a rural people known for metal working and are divided into two groups: a group of blacksmiths and a group of gold, silver, and copper smiths. They supplement smithing with agricultural work. About a third are literate in Nepali, and many are bilingual, also speaking Bengali. Others serve as healers who favor traditional medicines over modern medicine.

As a rule, Kami people are Hindus. They worship different Hindu deities, and they go on pilgrimage to Hindu sacred sites in Darjeeling, a region of West Bengal.

The Kami people have a low literacy rate. Christ’s ambassadors must produce songs, stories and recordings from Scripture. This will take much effort, but it can be the key to seeing the Kami people embrace the Saviour.

The Lord is building his church among the peoples of Nepal. Nepali and Kami believers can be led to carry the message to the Kami people.

Pray for new believers in this people group to have Holy Spirit-led words to say to their elders as they explain their new faith.

Pray for churches to adopt the Kami for prayer and outreach. Pray for the Christian Kami to be loving and forthright in sharing their faith. Pray for increased literacy and for the JESUS Film to be shown in their communities. Pray that they would forsake idolatry and for the Lord to show his power over the spirit world.