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The Lao Phuan people of Laos and Cambodia – January 11th 2023

Joshua Project, 10 January 2023 (excerpts)

The Lao Phuan people once had their own kingdom in Laos.  In the 19th century the Siamese military drove them to central Thailand where they became slaves.   The Lao Phuan people live mainly in Laos and Thailand today, though there are also those who live in Cambodia.

Like most peoples in Cambodia and Laos, the Lao Phuan are rice farmers.  They also raise silk worms which produce thread for the fine garments which they either wear or sell.  On a social level, the Lao Phuan people try hard to maintain their traditions.

The Lao Phuan people consider themselves to be devout Buddhists, but they are actually more devoted to their animistic practices.  Their form of Buddhism is corrupted by their ancient religious practices.  The Lao Phuan people need to be released from fear of wicked spirits.

Pray for spiritual openness among the Lao Phuan people of Cambodia and Laos, for them to have the chance to hear the gospel in a culturally appropriate way, and for a disciple making movement among this people group to transform their communities in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.