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The Lezgin in Ukraine – September 20th

Joshua Project, 20 September 2023

The Lezgin people of Ukraine are a Muslim group that live and work in brutal weather conditions. Even though the Lezgin are Muslim, they have not relinquished their pre-Islamic belief in the spirit world.

In recent years, some Lezgins have come to faith in Jesus Christ. However, their numbers are so few that they cannot form a fellowship even in Ukraine, the “Bible Belt” of Eastern Europe. Most of them live in Russia’s Caucasus region, one of the least reached parts of the world.

Islam is an obstacle. Being Muslim in a Christian culture like Ukraine means they must actively try to retain their culture.

Followers of Christ can attend Lezgin cultural events and actively learn to appreciate their music and stories. If someone learns enough about their music, they can spread the gospel in a culturally relevant, non-threatening way.

Pray for a movement to Christ among Lezgins in Ukraine and in Russia. Pray for the Lezgin people to see beyond Lezgin culture and identity and give a fair hearing to the gospel. Pray for the Lord to thrust out loving and patient ambassadors who will disciple new Lezgin believers.