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The Rahmani (Muslim traditions) in India – January 31st

Joshua Project, January 31st, 2024

The Rahmani work mainly as farmers. Many do not read, so the gospel will need to be given in oral forms. However, there are also prominent people among them, and the Rahmani surname is well known across a number of countries.  

They are Sunni Muslims, and there is much social stigma about becoming a Christian in their families and communities. They need to find a way to embrace Jesus Christ without alienating the people they hold dear.

Culturally appropriate music and skits about the miracles of Jesus might help to turn their hearts and minds to the only Saviour.  Pray for an eagerness to hear and heed God’s word among this people group.

Pray for a spiritual breakthrough as there may be no followers of Christ among this Muslim people group. Pray for a spiritual hunger that will draw the Rahmani people to the only One who can save them from sin and death.

Pray for workers to go to them and find those who will welcome them and listen to the message. Pray for Rahmani community leaders who will give Jesus a chance to provide their community with the abundant life He offers in John 10:10.

Pray for a Disciple Making Movement to Christ among the Rahmani people group in this decade.