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The Turi in Bangladesh – January 3rd

Joshua Project, January 1st, 2024

The Turi are a Hindu people group who live in Bangladesh and northeast India. Their primary language is Bengali, and most live in the states of Rangpur, Rajshahi and Chittagong. They lead challenging lives. Many other groups of Hindus will not associate with them. The traditional occupation of the Turi involves making useful things from bamboo.  

The Turi are rejected by other Hindu communities. They may be hesitant to trust outsiders.   

Many of the Turi cannot read. Evangelists skilled in music can teach gospel concepts through songs and skits. Turi people can learn the songs and learn the ways of Christ and teach them to others.

Pray that this people group will be in awe of the Lord for His creation and realize that He is the only one worthy of worship and devotion.

Pray that believers among them would be elevated in their communities and that the word would be spread to those who need to hear it. Pray the church would grow in a healthy way, led by the power and goodness of the Holy Spirit. Pray the Turi would have good education and healthcare that help improve their communities. Pray that literacy rates would be improved so they can provide for their families.