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Training Secret Believers in North Africa – May 13th 2020

Open Doors, 11 May 2020

“Do you want your family, or do you want your new faith?”  10 years ago, Kabil knew he had to choose Jesus. Nothing can equal the life that Jesus gave to me.”

When Kabil first became a Christian, his family were not particularly hostile. A few years later, however, things got worse. Kabil has not seen his mother since then and is only rarely in contact with his brothers and sisters.

Shortly after he decided to follow Christ, Kabil was give the role of Bible teacher in his church – and noticed that what they were lacking was discipleship training.

“After we started offering the Open Doors Discipleship course, we noticed changes among our brothers. We saw that they were staying in the church.”

The course has been transformative in Kabil’s church.  “I think that if this training did not exist, the church would not last over time.”

Currently, there are about 350 attendants in different churches, including many whose faith has to be kept secret from their families.

Kabil sees blessing in the midst of persecution. “I would say that persecution is never fatal to the church; actually, it is a blessing.”