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Two Algerian Christians Face the Courts – December 16th 2020

International Christian Concern, December 13, 2020 

Algeria’s Court of Amizour has tried two Christians for “insulting the prophet and denigrating the precepts of the Muslim religion.”

In the first case, the prosecutor has requested two years in prison and a fine of 200,000 dinars ($1519 USD). The verdict is expected on December 15th. A verdict in the second case is expected on December 17th. The defendant in this case is threatened with the same charge and fine, but only six months in prison.

Algeria has undergone a recent political transition and constitutional reform which held the opportunity for the country to protect religious freedom. However, it was a missed opportunity. The Protestant churches which had begun to be forcefully closed in 2017 were completely closed under the pandemic. The Catholic churches have been allowed to reopen, but the Protestant churches remain shuttered and continue facing harassment from the authorities.