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Ugandan Church Closes after Islamist Attacks – September 2nd 2018

Morning Star News, August 22, 2018

A church near Kampala, capital of Uganda, has closed after months of area Muslims pelting its gatherings with rocks.

On Aug. 4, a stone thrown through a window struck Pastor Moreen Sanyu and knocked her unconscious.  Next Sunday, Aug. 11, no one came to the worship service.

The church had grown quickly since May 2017 in a predominantly Muslim area, swelling to 400 people at one point before all worshippers stopped coming after the Aug. 4 attack out of fear for their lives.

“We cannot watch our children joining infidels’ church,” said a sheikh, adding that local Muslims will not allow the church to operate.  “We have not persuaded the Christians to join our faith, hence why should the church keep on stealing our members?”

Pastor Sanyu told Morning Star News that she just shared the gospel of Christ and his love for humanity with her Muslim neighbours, and they freely accepted the Christian faith, especially when many sick people that she prayed for were healed.