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Young Mother Is Fifth Christian Killed in India – August 1st 2020

Morning Star News July 27, 2020 

A 26-year-old mother became the fifth Christian in two months to be killed in India last week when she refused to hand over her daughter to be raped by Hindus who had assaulted the girl and other Christian minors.

Two masked Hindus slit the throat of Sunita Devi in Jharkhand, when she came out her door at 1 a.m. and refused their demand for her young daughter.

At about 1 a.m. Devi noticed two men at the window of the room where she had been sleeping with her children and decided to get up and send them away, Pastor Nag said.

The men attacked Devi and she fell on the ground dead. On seeing her mother fall on the ground, the minor girl quickly ran inside the house and latched the door from inside.”

According to police, after the assailants killed Devi, they dragged her body into a nearby jungle, put her corpse into a sack and threw it into a river about two miles away. Police found her body at 2 p.m. and sent it for autopsy.

Pastor Nag said that girls from Christian homes are intentionally targeted by Hindus who influence followers of tribal Sarna religion, trying to introduce Hindu gods into their rituals and uniting with them against Christians.  “This belt of Jharkhand has been witnessing rising persecution, and it is very real for the Christians who are living it every day.”