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Acquittals Upheld for Algerian Converts – May 15th 2019

Morning Star News, May 2, 2019 


A convert from Islam in Algeria whose Muslim wife charged him with inciting her to change her religion won a final court battle in April.


The woman who had filed the charges against him divorced him on March 3.


“I never wanted her to leave,” he said. “I am even now ready to welcome her if she decides to return.”


Rachid Ouali and 4 other Christians had been charged with inciting a Muslim to change her religion after his wife became upset when they sang a Christian song and talked about Jesus at a lunch at his friend’s house.


Her two brothers, both policemen, demanded that she file a complaint that Rachid and his four friends had tried to persuade her to leave Islam and become a Christian.


Ouali’s attorney said that it was unfortunate that the case resulted in the end of the nearly 10-year marriage.


The ruling comes two months after the acquittal was upheld of another convert from Islam who lost his wife, as well as his two young daughters, due to his faith in Christ.