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Barnabas Update – May 8th 2019

Barnabas Fund, 24 April 2019

Christians including a US woman and an Indian man who were training local pastors at a local church have been detained by police in Nepal.

The police arrested 2 Nepali Christians, 2 foreign nationals and their Nepali driver on 23 April, accusing them of “luring conversions” to Christianity, and detained them overnight.

The two Nepali Christians and Indian national await a hearing on Sunday 28 April facing charges under the new “anti-conversion” law.

The group were running training courses for pastors, but police claimed that they were trying to lure people into Christianity by offering medical care and money.

A new law in force in Nepal since September 2018 makes it an offence to “involve or encourage in conversion of religion”, meaning that any public Christian activity is potentially illegal.