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Barnabas Update – September 19th 2019

Christian woman starts prison sentence in Iran

Barnabas Fund, 12 September 2019

A Christian woman started a prison sentence in Iran on 31 August for “propaganda” against the government after earlier refusing pressure from judges to renounce her faith.

Fatemeh Bakhteri was told she would serve one year in prison in September 2018 after her Christian activities led to her being convicted.

In an initial appeal hearing in January 2019, she was pressured by the two judges to renounce her faith, but she refused to do so. In May 2019, her appeal was rejected. She was finally summoned to start her jail term at Evin Prison in Tehran on 31 August, a prison notorious for prolonged interrogations and the abusive treatment of inmates.

With her in court was a fellow Christian convert from Islam, Saheb Fadaie, convicted of “acting against national security” and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and 2 years in exile. He also refused to renounce his faith and is already serving a 10-year sentence for Christian activities.