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Blythswood – Update 2 – April 23rd

Daniel Centre

A mixed bag from the Daniel Centre.  Cosmin and Alex are on a final warning.  Though still on drugs, they are at least not using in the home and both have been more positive in helping and keeping their rooms tidy.  Alex now has a scholarship for free driving lessons.  Ionuz, who had been away for 6 months and returned in February , was fired from his Casino job for stealing.

Danut, with a slight disability, has become very polite and keeps his room tidy.  Damian, the delivery lad with three bikes, has become more negative and late with his various payments.  He is on notice to leave the Centre at the end of April.  André, very impertinent, is constantly losing jobs and blaming the employers for firing him.  He must find a job and stick with it by the end of April.

New arrival Emil is well behaved with a positive attitude and found a job within 2 days of arriving.  Another new arrival, Rares, is becoming less positive but has already paid a year’s rent for his room at the Centre.

Almost none of the lads attend the fellowship meetings with Danny and Sergiu but Sergiu takes some of them to his lively Pentecostal church with him every fortnight.  Sergiu himself is a university graduate and an ex-Daniel Centre resident who has a real heart for the lads.

Blythswood board members visit Romania and Serbia for a week this coming month.

Talita Kum

No updates from Adi this time.