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Blythswood – January 11th 2023 Update

Daniel Centre

Balazs and the Chief Executive Officers of Christian Aid and the UK Disaster Emergency Committee will visit the relief efforts in Odessa in the Eastern Ukraine for one night – visiting from Chisinau in Moldova with increased insurance because of the war.

Julien and Cipri’s departure has been further delayed until January 29th by plumbing problems in the apartment.  Damian’s rental delivery scooter and the bigger one requires a driving licence which he doesn’t have, so he is currently driving illegally. 

Two of the residents have had to leave because of drug use, including Danny who had been doing well at his studies but had put them on hold to earn money in a delivery service.

Government funding has increased fourfold for the Daniel Centre for 2023 and they expect to have 7 lads resident, including Robi who has asked to return.

Balazs has tentative plans in his new role to visit Kenya, Serbia, Burundi and possibly Mumbai with Blythswood Chief Executive James Campbell who is due to retire this year.

Talita Kum

Government funding has been doubled for Talita Kum for 2023 which should help with heating costs.  There have been no new developments on purchasing a portion of the empty ground behind TK2 for a sports field for the children.