Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood – June 14th – Update 2

Daniel Centre

The lad who was pepper-sprayed is reluctant to attend a programme on drug issues as he claims he doesn’t have a problem, so he may still be sent away.

The carer in danger of emotional burnt-out is on 2 weeks’ holiday.  The professional counsellor doesn’t see him as fit for the job and Balazs wrestles with this opinion.

The electricians have disappeared again and  Balazs may have to take them to court for breach of contract.

A Ukrainian lady has been appointed as Christian Aid’s representative for the Ukraine and wants to sideline Blythswood from CA’s operation, much to the dismay of her more experience Christian Aid colleagues.

Blythswood’s Ukrainian partner Heritage has been greatly affected by the dam destruction in their area but has still run very successful 2 one-day Bible camps for 50 children and their parents.

Balazs’s daughter Ilka has her exams next week to decide which high school she can attend.

Talita Kum

Adi’s Talita Kum Children’s Day Show in Jimboliya’s main square and their year-end celebration on June 6th were very successful.

They are still on course for taking the 35 TK1 children to camp in late June and the 45 TK2 kids with young helpers from Inverness in August, both camps in the Southern Carpathian mountains.

The Romanian teachers’ strike has ended and now puts financial pressure on Adi to find enough teachers.