Blythswood, Mission Support within the Congregation

Blythswood – May 29th – Update 1

Daniel Centre

A new replacement for Louisa – Aura – will start in June.  Sergiu’s mother, who has mental issues, will now go into a home.  There is a good group of lads currently in the Centre and 2 new lads will fill the empty spaces in June.

The sale of their Cluj depot has still not completed and Balazs will finish his responsibilities with Christian Aid when their Ukraine funding ends in February 2025.

Blythswood Romania held a reception for James Campbell in May to mark his retiral from Blythswood though he will continue as Blythswood Romania Chairman for another two years.

After Balazs’s visit To Serbia this past month, Blythswood have agreed to sponsor the Theological Faculty there which prepares young mainly Roma Pentecostals for ministry to their own people.

Though Balazs maintains Zoom contact with other foreign Blythswood fields, he feels that this is more than one person can properly handle.


Talita Kum

Adi is in good form and does not want to give up teaching the TK1 children himself, so they are currently well-staffed.  His daughter, however, is picking up more of the load now.