Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood – May 31st – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Drugs have loomed large with one of the lads having to be sent away for pepper-spraying another of the lads.  He had stolen the pepper spray from his security work at the airport and also lost his work there because of his attitude.  The lad who was pepper-sprayed is also in danger of being sent away.

One of the carers, himself a former resident of the Daniel Centre, is in danger of emotional burnt-out.  Iva, who works with their sister organisation, Bonus Pastors as a professional counsellor, acts as a back-up for the staff.

The electricians finally came this week for the Depot.  Every delay prevents the potential renters from concluding contracts with Blythswood.

Balazs has now had his initial assessment with James Campbell after taking over foreign operations from Finlay MacKenzie and the assessment was very positive.

Balazs’s daughter Ilka has a stressful exam in 3 weeks’ time to decide which high school she can attend.

Talita Kum

Ending the school year, Adi’s Talita Kum will have their Children’s Day Show in Jimboliya’s main square and their year-end celebration on June 6th after a very positive past school year.

Adi will take the 35 TK1 children to camp in the Southern Carpathian mountains in late June and the 45 TK2 kids to a new location with a group of young helpers from a Free Church in Inverness in August.

The Romanian teachers’ strike for higher pay could put financial pressure on Adi to find enough teachers.