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Blythswood – May 3rd – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Balazs, because of his increased commitments for the overseas work of Blythswood, has given up much of the financial responsibilities of Blythswood Romania to Christina.  Agnes, Balazs’ wife, who currently runs a project for 30 impoverished Romanian families and also helps administer the aid being funnelled into Ukraine for Christian Aid, is also being considered for beginning a safeguarding project for Blythswood’s partners in the Ukraine.

There have been two new arrivals at the Daniel Centre, with one of them having spent a year independently in Bucharest after leaving the orphanage of his upbringing.  This year has obviously affected his attitude negatively.  There is also internal debate in the Daniel Centre as to whether Cosmin should be asked to leave because of his ongoing drug influence.

Blythswood board and trustee members visit Romania and Serbia next week to become more acquainted with the work there, only one of them having visited that region before.

Talita Kum

The trustees will spend a day in Jimboliya, acquainting themselves with the work of Talita Kum.  The owners of the land behind the Talita Kum houses, which Adi hoped to get for a sports area for the children, have given no indication of reducing their asking price for the land.