Blythswood, Mission Partners of Castle Street, Missions

Blythswood – November 1st – Update 1

Daniel Centre

Ionuz with the severe psychiatric issues is doing better and has moved on to a rental apartment.  The other Ionuz continues to be a very positive influence in the Daniel Centre and does well at work. 

Dany had a small accident with his eye but is back at work again.  Jeremy Ross, the new Blythswood CEO, will visit Cluj in December to make the new Blythswood film on shoeboxes and will include the Ukraine on this visit.  Balazs is still busy with Christian Aid work and they will have an initiation workshop in Moldova next week with 10 Ukrainians, 2 Blythswood workers and 2 Christian Aid workers.

A Ukrainian refugee had moved into the Daniel Centre apartment but has been given notice to move on after beating up the two boys of the woman already there and asking the Daniel Centre lads for drugs.

The lawyer representing the potential renters for their depot in Cluj has had an accident which is delaying the contractual negotiations.

Blythswood now has 5 possible Ukrainian candidates for a position with responsibility for Blythswood’s activities in Ukraine.  They think they know which candidate best fills the job profile.

Balazs sets out with a friend on November 19th to do a “Just Giving” sponsored walk in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas in Nepal to raise funds for Blythswood.

Talita Kum

The Talita Kum 1 & 2 teaching is going well with Adi and his daughter now filling their vacant positions. They have 70 children to work with in addition to the 7 children in the fledgling TK3.