Blythswood, Missions

Blythswood Update 18th Oct 2017

Blythswood – October Update 2


Talita Kum


Continue to pray for the Romanian believers who work each week with the children now enrolled in Blythswood’s after-school programme for children from low-income homes.  They may well be the only Christians that these young people meet during their school years.


Pray that relationships will be formed in Talita Kum that the children will look back on and remember with love and gratitude, relationships that may extend into their adult years for the glory of God.



Daniel Centre


Continue to pray also for the Romanian believers who work with the young men who are currently part of the Daniel Centre.  This kind of work is costly, requiring a commitment and dedication to model the true life of Christ on a daily basis.


Pray for the young men who pass through the Centre that their adult lives will make an increasing impact on the Romania of the future.