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Blythswood Update 1st Sept 2017

Blythswood – September Update 1

Talita Kum

Adrian Popa was brought up by Christian parents and came to faith himself as a teenager.

After studying Theology in Bucharest, he came to Wales to continue his studies and was introduced to Blythswood through a student there. 

 Returning to Romania, he was profoundly affected by how an old man, a new Christian, cared for poor children in his building.  Through that experience, he was eventually led to start Talita Kum with the help of Blythswood.

Daniel Centre

Balazs Csiszer was the son of atheistic parents but began to seriously question Marxism as a teenager. 

Through his experiences in the army at the time of the fall of Communism and his getting to know active Christians, he finally came to full faith in Christ when it sunk in that Jesus had died for his sins.

After working for some years with alcoholics at the Bonus Pastor Foundation, he met Blythswood in 2002 and is now their Chief Executive in Romania, spending much of his time in the Daniel Centre.